Chana Dal

चना दाल


₹ 95.00

Chana Dal (Chickpea or Bengal gram):

Adding sweet and nutty flavours to your regular vegetables and salads, and obviously to your regular Stew (Dal), Chana Dal is one of the readily available Pulses. Consumed in almost every form whole, split, powdered (Besan) and roasted & powdered (Sattu) is a staple ingredient in regular Indian vegetarian diet.

Delicious Recipes  !!!

Know your Product:

  1. The yellow(natural luster) and drier the dal, the better in quality it is.

Health & Nutrition:

  1. High in dietary fiber and helps lower cholesterol.

  2. Have low glycemic index, therefore good for diabetics.

  3. Rich source of Zinc, Calcium, Manganese and Protein.

Recommended for:

People with Heart Diseases, Diabetics,  Regulates hormone levels in Women, Controls Blood pressure and Helps in digestions.

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