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Pista Flakes

पिस्ता कटिंग


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From your favorite Kesar Pista ice cream to your crunchy snacks, Pista is another healthy Dry fruit. The Pistachio is often used for flavoring, garnishing, and as a gift item. Here’s Kesar Pista for you !!  Recipes.

Know your product

  1. Pistachio is found all over the world, cultivated in the US, Iran, Turkey, and China.

  2. The greener and crunchier the Pistachio, the better they are.

Health & Nutrition

  1. Similar to other Dry Fruits, Pistachio is a good source of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

  2. They help in lowering LDL and increasing HDL, and therefore good for Heart.

  3. Pistachios are excellent sources of Vitamin E and therefore are very good for the skin.

  4. Pistachios are also an excellent source of copper, therefore, improve metabolism and RBC production.

Recommended for


Note: Few people are allergic to pistachio nuts, and therefore should consume this with caution.

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Pista Flakes

Pista Flakes

पिस्ता कटिंग

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