Walnut Giri



₹ 1,400.00


This brain shaped Dry Fruit is one of the most healthiest nuts known to mankind.

The English walnut (found in India) is often used for garnishing, as a gift item and adds flavor, nutrition & crunch to the meal .

Go Nuts !!! Few nutty Recipes.

Know your product:

  1. Walnuts are found all over the world, though currently china leads the production.

  2. Walnuts found in India are called English or Persian walnuts.

Health & Nutrition:

  1. Walnuts contains wide variety of antioxidants that helps in prevention of Cancer esp. Prostate and Breast cancer.

  2. Walnuts contains Omega 3 fat and amino acids that improves Heart as well as reduces cardiovascular risk.

  3. These brainy nuts are good for your brain cells too.

Recommended for:

Everyone, without exception. A few nuts a day, will keep all diseases at bay.

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